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Want to continue a thread or just chat with Kushina? Here's the place to do it! Don't forget the time stamp, though. ♥


Dec. 15th, 2012 03:21 am
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Hullo interwebs, this is your opportunity to tell me how you think I'm doing with Kushina. I'd like to hammer out any flaws I have in characterization ASAP, so soon as you see one poke here. Just don't be a bag of dicks, okay?

[002] Video

Oct. 9th, 2012 10:16 pm
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Hey everyone! I have an announcement to make--

[Since Kushina's still pretty new to the whole journal concept, there's a brief moment that everyone is going to see her smiling, enthusiastic brilliance. Then--]

Oh crap, I forgot something!

[There's a small jumping of the video when she rushes to correct her mistake and filters the post away from Naruto]

Okay that's better. [She's looking pretty embarrassed by her display. Oops.] Tomorrow is Naruto's birthday, and I want all my son's friends to come to the birthday party being thrown in his honor. A picnic up by the cherry tree is okay, right?

[Kushina knows it's pretty short notice to inform people only the day before, but she's been working really hard on his gift. Though, bwahaha. She's suddenly looking pretty devious as she leans in closer all conspirator-like.]

I don't think he knows about it yet, so if someone could do me the big favor of making sure he gets there without knowing what's going on, I'll be in your debt.
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[There is a book laying on a near by table that Kushina doesn't see as she rushes toward the window. The first rustle of wind doesn't even jostle the pages, however when she flings the window open, the book flies open with it. There's a moments pause as Kushina takes in the contents of outside, the chill in the air, the foreign feel. The first thing she deems to greet Luceti with is:]

WHERE IS MINATO!? This isn't..!

[But then her angry heart-felt cry stops, the words dying mid-sentence as a wave of emotion tears into her. Whatever anger she felt quickly faded in lieu of grief. A loud bang against the window's frame and the rattle of glass.]

Naruto... Minato...

[It's quiet and sounds as though Kushina is on the verge of tears, if not already crying.]

This isn't the afterlife, I know it. It doesn't feel right. It's too real. I shouldn't be able to feel pain, y'know!

[Kushina slumps to the floor, the sound reverberating softly in the near-empty room. What was she supposed to do here? What was this place, even? It wasn't where she was supposed to be. Nowhere had ever felt more wrong in her life.]


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